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Collection: Heated jerseys

You will find the warmest electrically heated sweaters at Gløde. View the full range of heated sweaters above.

Sweaters with heating

Gløde offers various sweaters with heating. All sweaters are equipped with three or more heating elements that ensure that you stay nice and warm. Gløde's heated sweaters can be heated by a normal 5V power bank.

Jumper with heating

Not sure if a sweater with heating is right for you? Then return it free of charge back to Gløde.

Electrically heated sweater from Gløde

The electrically heated sweater from Gløde is equipped with special carbon fiber elements that ensure that you can enjoy the heat in a safe way. The heat can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. Processed by the special technique, the sweater will never overheat.

Sweater with heating elements

Each sweater contains three or more heating elements to warm you up properly. After switching on the heating elements via the button, you can immediately enjoy the warmth during cold moments.

The warmest electrically heated sweater

You will find the warmest electrically heated sweater at Gløde. are the warmest electric tangled sweaters

Portable heated sweater and more

In addition to portable heated sweaters, we also sell heated body warmers , gloves , jackets and much more !

Our heated jerseys get an average of one 4.9 of our customers