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Collection: Heated Thermo Clothing

Looking for heated thermal clothing, take a look at the Gløde range. Up to 50 degrees Celsius and of high quality, hip and modern!

Heated thermal clothing

Electrically heated thermal clothing

Electrically heated thermal clothing is an innovation that makes it possible to stay comfortable in extremely cold conditions. The clothing is equipped with heating elements that are controlled by a battery. This makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the clothing, creating a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Advantages of electrically heated thermal clothing

Electrically heated thermal clothing offers a number of advantages compared to traditional thermal clothing. Firstly, it is much more flexible than traditional thermal clothing. You can switch the heating on and off at the touch of a button, enabling you to react quickly to changing weather conditions.

Gives off extra heat

Second, electrically heated thermal clothing can be aimed at multiple places. This is in contrast to traditional thermal clothing that often only gives heat to specific parts of the body. With electrically heated thermal clothing, the heat can be adjusted to specific body parts that are most susceptible to cold, such as the hands or feet.

Efficiency of the thermal clothing

Thirdly, electrically heated thermal clothing is much more efficient. This is because the heating elements are in direct contact with the skin, providing heat quickly. Traditional thermal clothing has to depend on the thickness of the insulation and the amount of air between the clothing and the skin, which reduces the rate of heat delivery.

Use of electrically heated thermal clothing

Electrically heated thermal clothing is often used by people who work in extreme cold conditions, such as outdoor athletes, farmers, construction workers, truck drivers and miners. It can also be used for people with medical conditions that are sensitive to cold, such as people with rheumatism or Raynaud's.

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