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Collection: Heated Blankets

Electrically heated rugs from Gløde

Are you looking for the warmest electrically heated pillow? Then check out the cushions from Gløde. We have various pillows that warm you during the coldest moments on the couch.

Electric dressing with normal power bank

Gløde's electrically heated rugs are simply heated with a normal 5V power bank. You can also use this to charge your tablet or smartphone. Ideal right?

Electrically heated blanket

Different heat settings

Most Gløde products can be adjusted as desired. This also applies to the electrically heated blanket from Gløde. It is possible to have the cushion heated at three different positions. Position one is the lowest position. This makes the electrically heated clothing about 35-40 degrees Celsius. Position two is the middle position, which heats the clothes about 40-45 degrees Celsius. Position three is the warmest position, which heats up the electric blanket between 45 and 50 degrees.

We sell more than rugs

Gløde sells more than just electrically heated rugs. In addition to clothing, we also sell body warmers , jackets and much more . Feel free to take a look at our webshop to view the entire heated range.

Great for at home & on the couch

Our rugs are wonderful when you sit quietly on the couch and enjoy a movie or a TV series.

The heating can be lower

Turn down your heating with peace of mind and immediately save on your gas bill.

Our heated blankets get an average of one 4.9 of our customers