Heated clothing for the office

Verwarmde kleding voor op werk

Heated Clothing for Work: Comfort and Warmth for Workers

Welcome to our collection of heated clothing, specially designed for workers who need comfort and warmth during their work, especially in cold environments. Discover how our clothing improves your work experience, whatever the weather.

Verwarmde kleding voor op werk

Why Choose Heated Clothing from Gløde?

Comfortable warmth for working days

Our heated clothing keeps you warm and comfortable, even during long working days in cool environments such as warehouses, construction sites or outdoor work. Increase your productivity and comfort at work.

Flexibility and Freedom of Movement

Our clothing is designed with an eye for detail, so that you have complete freedom of movement during your work. Lift, bend and move effortlessly, without being limited by the cold.

Lasting Performance, Reliable Heat

Thanks to high-quality materials and advanced heating technologies, you are assured of lasting performance and reliable warmth, season after season.

Discover Our Collection

Browse our extensive collection of heated clothing and find the perfect piece for your work situation. From heated jackets to body warmers and gloves, we have everything you need to stay warm and comfortable while you work.

Order Now and Improve Your Work Experience

Do not wait any longer! Order your heated clothing today and experience the difference during your next working day. Work efficiently, stay warm and enjoy the comfort of our reliable clothing, specially designed for work.